Enterprise Medical Management, Ltd. (EMM) is your source for advanced information solutions that offer the right tools for electronic health records, billing solutions, and practice management solutions. Our goal is to significantly improve the quality of care you can provide your patients while concurrently improving your practice’s bottom line.

When making life saving decisions countless times every day, physicians shouldn’t have to worry about having the most comprehensive and accurate data available to make those decisions. Increase the quality of care you are able to provide your patients while saving yourself time, money, hassle, and increasing your productivity and overall quality of life with our fully integrated EMR system.
Billing is one of the most critical factors to the success and profitability of any company’s business strategy. From award-winning software and electronic transactions to appointment scheduling software and detailed, customizable reports, EMM can equip you with the right tools to take your company to the next level of professionalism and success.
We place no boundaries on what areas of your practice our experts can assist you with. If you have an issue we haven’t addressed, please
contact us.
Whether it’s A/R problems, practice management issues, insurance contract review, or general Federal compliance issues, let our experts
analyze your practice to remove any potential risks and increase the profitability of your practice.